I took a class on Skillshare with Jesse LeDoux, an illustrator based out of Portland, whose work I adore. The assignment for the class was to design a 3-color poster to be screen printed. There was a contest for the class, where one student was to be chosen to have their poster printed by The Head Light Hotel. I was totally surprised when Jesse e-mailed me to tell me I won. The guys at The Head Light Hotel were really patient with me and very helpful in getting all of the files set up properly for printing.

 I'm really happy with the  result and so excited to have my first real screen print. I would go back and do a couple of things differently, design wise, but it's a learning process. If you'd like to see the design process and my other poster design for the class, you can check it out here. This poster will be in my shop soon available for purchase, if anyone is interested.