I'm going to share a DIY Ikea hack project I did, just because I'm so happy with the way it turned out. I've had this Ikea Aneboda dresser for about 5 years. It's great for storage, but it's not very good looking. Since it's so useful, I decided to find a way to spruce it up instead of trying to sell it for a few bucks. 

I spent a total of about $53 on all of the materials. 

  • Pre-glued real wood veneer from Home Depot
  • 4 - 5 1/2" Wooden Round tapered furniture feet from Lowe's
  • 4 Angle top plates from Lowe's 
  • Wood stain
  • 4 stainless steel pull bar handles 

First, I measured and cut the veneer to fit on top of the paneling. I couldn't decide whether it would be easier to stain before or after I glued the the wood, but I ended up staining before. (This was the wrong thing to do.)

When it came time to put the legs on, I had a little bit of trouble. The pre-existing holes wouldn't work with the top plates I found, so I had to drill new holes. I carefully measured each new spot for the top plate, and fitted the legs to make sure the dresser would stand up properly and securely. 

After I knew the legs were secure, I taped and spray painted them white.

Last thing to do was glue the veneer onto the panels after the stain had dried for over 24 hours. I had the most trouble with this part. The first thing I did was to try to iron with a paper bag in-between the iron and the wood. That was a stupid mistake. It ruined the stain on one of the panels. So, from then on I used a towel. This worked a little better, but if the iron got too hot, it would stick the towel to the veneer. So, if I could, I would go back in time and stain the veneer AFTER glueing it to the panels. Lesson learned. Also, the glue on the veneer is pretty toxic. I would recommend wearing a mask and opening a few windows while working with this stuff. 

The stain is a little spotty and the veneer is a little warped, but all-in-all I am really happy with how it turned out. It looks much better than it did before, and now I can keep it for another 10 years without rolling my eyes every time I look at it. #ikeahack

Thanks for looking!